What brought you close to nature?

What has made you come close to nature? For me it was my monotonous routine while working in an MNC. I was born and brought up in the hills. The sight of Panchachuli was not a rare one. For birthdays and picnics, as a child, we used to climb hill tops and dine there watching... Continue Reading →


Game of perception.

'Cause every castle has it's own story, and every traveler his own perception. To some it says a thousand things, while some, just sit back and stare.

Journey to a different land

Through the mighty mountains I traveled, To get close to where I belong. And then I realize, Not the destination but the journey is what I was looking for. Enroute Nathu La | It was a very different journey, like none other I had been on. Long stretches of mighty mountains, steep roads, white clouds... Continue Reading →

In my Utopia

I feel lost in the city, in the moribund city life. At times trapped, by the chains that I created unknowingly. The noise and the chatter, of ignorance and hypocrisy, Dwelling amidst because of lack of opinion. Too shy to speak up, too timid to act, I am stuck in a cobweb of selfism and self-created limitations. Thousands of cars... Continue Reading →

Being Human

Every morning while heading to the gym, I see this man across the street. He sells melons mangoes and some other fruits. A roadside vendor who comes every day at 06:00 AM, without fail.  This man must be in his late 70s or early 80s. He has a pale face, long white beard and is super skinny.... Continue Reading →

Song of my heart.

There's something about the mountains that lure me, Something so strong yet so mysterious. The difficult terrains, the steep curves, Yet the desire to go higher ever growing. A splash of the cool breeze hitting my face, a sense of purity soothing my soul. The night starry sky, reflecting my dreams Showing, just what I... Continue Reading →

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